Purpose of the platform

The main purpose of the platform is to support the evaluation of a new location through demographic information.
This guide allows users to access their project, manage the data and obtain relevant information for decision making.

Basic Concepts

1. Project
A project is a map with information, prediction model and users. It is Hitmap's geo-statistical modeling unit, in which each project (usually associated to a business chain) has associated a prediction model. Also, an user can have more than one project and a project can have many users.

2. Users
People associated to one or more projects, characterized by the editing permissions granted to them.

Owner: refers to the user who generated the project and, therefore, has all associated permissions, can invite other users to the project.
Collaborator with editing permissions: refers to a user, who has been invited to collaborate on a project, which can edit the project information.
Collaborator without editing permissions: refers to a user, who has been invited to collaborate on a project, which can only view the project information.

3. Hitscore
Standardized sales forecast based on the average of actual sales, whose value is 100. This value is a projection considering the current state of the chain, and calculated for the maturity point of the new location, once reached its expected level of sales.

4. Sales index
Actual sales of each location, normalized around the average on base 100, this means that 100 will be the average sales. This index will be calculated based on the information entered in the system, for which it is suggested that gross monthly sales of the last mobile year be entered (annual gross sales divided by 12).

5. Locations
Is the list with the total set of current and evaluated locations, with three groups: my chain, progress and opportunities.

5.1. My chain
Means the current stores.

Featured: open stores location that has been identified with some degree of priority, such as: remodeling interest, in evaluation for closure.
Open: currently open stores.
Competitor: locations that have a competitive relationship with the chain and therefore it is important to have them present, this information could also be shown in data layers.

5.2. Progress
Locations that are in negotiation phase to be part of the business chain.

In Negotiation: Locations in negotiation to be part of the chain. Once the negotiation is finished, it should be updated to open in the group my chain.

5.3. Opportunities
Locations that could be of interest and still do not enter into the negotiation process.

Prospect: location of interest entered by the user. It is available to be evaluated and suggests the need to calculate a Hitscore.
Recommended: potential location to open a store that has been entered by a third party, for example, a broker, selected for the project and verified by the Hitmap team by telephone with the location representative.
Available: potential location to open a store that has been entered by a third party, for example, an associated broker or the Hitmap automatic lift system.
Rejected: ocation that has been rejected by the user. This location will be available for reviewing and may be re-entered.

6. Data Layers
Sets of information available to be displayed on the map, can be drawings, demographic variables or stores and services.

6.1. Drawings
They are polygons or circles, generated by the user, that indicate their relationship with the selected zone.

Zone of interest: are areas drawn on the map and qualified as interest. This means that the user is interested in looking for new location opportunities in these areas.
Restricted zone: indicates zones in which the user is not interested in looking for opportunities, and therefore allows to focus the attention in other zones. It can serve, for example, to draw the delivery zones associated to open stores.

6.2. Demographic variables
Demographic variables available for display on the map through colored polygons. Each variable contains a name and description of its own.

6.3. Stores and services
Information bases that show the geographical location of stores or services, grouped by categories. It should be noted that these locations have been reviewed by the Hitmap team.
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